Central Slowpitch Softball

Contact Details

Geoff Clarke 

Phone: 027 917 3081

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





First Game: 19 October

1st Ball Tournament 22 November

Last Game: 21 December


First Game: 11 January

Anniversary Weekend: 1 February (No Games)

Waitangi Day: 8 February (No Games)

Open Tournament: 14 February

Rain out date: 21 February

Last League Game: TBA March

Finals & Prize giving: 21 March   (Rain out: 28 March) 

Park Location

Games are on Monday evenings at:

Keith Hay Park,

Noton Road,

Mt Roskill

First Pitch at 6:30pm so please aim to arrive no later than 6:15pm for warm ups

League rules say no alcohol or smoking on the field, bye-law says liquor ban in place.

Après-Ball - The Club Rooms are open on Monday evenings. It would be good if people can stay for a quick Coke after the game.

Rules Governing Gender Diverse Players – Central League, Auckland

Central Slowpitch Softball embraces a culture of diversity and as a mixed (Co-Ed) sport, has developed rules to make members of the LGBTQ community feel even more welcome within our organisation. We recognise that these rules will continue to evolve and welcome any feedback from players, organisers, and officials.


Gender-affected Sport - implies that in the relevant sport, the average woman will be at a disadvantage when competing against men.

Intersex - a condition where a child at birth doesn’t clearly appear male 0r female.

Non-binary - Someone who defines their gender as falling somewhere in between man and woman, eg neither man nor woman or moving between genders.

Nongendered - A person who doesn’t identify with either male or female gender.

Trans - Umbrella item for any person whose gender identity does not correspond to that person’s biological sex assigned at birth. Typically includes androgyne, polygender, cross-dressing and transvestite people.


  • At every level league or tournament play, players can choose to play as their identified gender (i.e., the gender they identify as in their daily life).
  • Umpires are not to question or challenge players’ gender selection.

At the beginning of a tournament and/or league game, team mangers should provide information to the home plate umpire about their line-up. This does not need to be done in a formal manner but will allow the umpires to apply the relevant rules including batting line up and fielding positions appropriately. Conversation between the umpire and team managers should be respected and advice given to teams so there is no stigma from the opposition.

  1. People defining as gender non-binary (NB) are defined as neither male (M) nor female (F).
  2. Trans players can identify anywhere along the gender spectrum.

In the tables below, genders are defined as female, male and nonbinary (NB).

Batting Line Up

No two players of the same gender may bat consecutively (see the two scenarios below):

Odd number of NB players: Even number of NB players:
 1- M   1- M
 2- F   2- F
 3- NB   3- NB
 4- F   4- M
 5- M   5- F
 6- F   6- NB
 7- M   7- M
 8- F   8- F
 9- M   9- M
 10- F   10- F

Additional Hitters

Additional hitters may be listed anywhere in the batting line up so long as the number of male batters does not outnumber the number of female and non-binary players. All players may bat, so long as no two players of the same gender bat consecutively. Any of the batters listed may field, as long as the ‘Fielding Positions’ rule below is satisfied.

Fielding Positions

  • Outfield must consist of a maximum of two players from any one gender.

The mix options are therefore:

1 2 3 4
F F  M  M
 F F M  NB
 F F  NB  NB
 F  NB  NB  M
 F  NB  M  M
 NB  NB  M  M
  • Infield must consist of a maximum of three players from any one gender.

The mix options are therefore:

1 2 3 4 5 6
F F  F  M  M M
M  M  M  NB  NB NB
F  F  F  NB  NB  NB
F  F  F  M  M  NB
F  F  F  M  NB  NB
F  F  M  M  M NB
F  F  M  M  NB  NB
F  F  M  NB  NB NB
F  M  M  M  NB  NB
F  M  M  NB  NB  NB