Here you will find all you need to know about Slowpitch Softball activity in New Zealand, but particularly in Auckland where most of the the main Leagues playing authentic Slowpitch Softball are based.

For followers new to the game, Slowpitch Softball eventuated in North America to cater for an increasing number of players frustrated by the pitcher/catcher domination of the fast pitch version of the game of softball.

The introduction of Slowpitch has caused the sport of softball to grow in leaps and bounds as neither age, gender, skill nor experience is a barrier to participation. The sport can be played by anyone and, with modifications to equipment, anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Unlike Baseball and Fastpitch Softball where the objective is to prevent the batter from hitting the ball, Slowpitch sees the batter in control and encouraged to hit the ball. If the ball is not hit into play, it's dead!

The game is played by 90% of international softball players, and differs from the fastpitch version of the game in that the pitch must be delivered to the batter slowly with a perceptible arc of approx. between two and four metres. It is therefore a hitting game with the ball in play on almost every pitch - an easy game to play, 

Teams of a minimum of ten players (mixed teams comprise a minimum five females and five males) play the game on a larger diamond than that used in fast pitch softball. At the higher levels of the game, rules are in force to restrict the number of home runs a batter may hit in one inning over an outfield fence, 92 metres from the batter. 

Slowpitch Softball has therefore become a popular game for many local sport and company (Business House) teams, whose employees play mid-week evening games throughout the summer.

Why Play Slowpitch?

Well, the game offers a lot of action - more hits, catches and throws than in the similar games of Baseball and Fastpitch softball. Anyone can pick up and swing the bat with a good chance of hitting the ball.

Age is no barrier to participation, nor is skill. Slowpitch offers a lifetime of participation in the sport. 

Young people can continue their interest and love of the game without having to develop over time the specialised skills necessary to advance in the similar ball games. Nor is the game not dominated by any one person in the team, so everyone contributes to the result of the game - everyone becomes involved, and everyone gets to hit the ball.

Because the pitch comes in slowly, one does not have to possess a specialised skill in order to throw a pitch. Males and females, and families may play together on the same team to a standard which they can choose.

Because of the variety of equipment combinations that can be employed, the game can be played anywhere, anytime, indoors or outdoors or even in the snow, with or without gloves depending on the size and composition of the ball.

At the competitive level, because the ball is in play more often, all skills are tested more often. Weaknesses are hard to hide.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends and workmates and enter a team! You wont be disappointed!